• Dale Ridge

Elder's Corner - April 14th


Jesus entered Jerusalem and it was a triumphant entry. But it was not an entry that the people would expect of a king. Jesus first sent his disciples to a particular place where they would find a donkey. Could Jesus look into the future? Can He look into our heart today? Of course! Think about God’s planning and providence here and compare it to our lives. First, He knew where the donkey would be. (Am I where I can be of service to the Lord?) Second, the owner knew about Jesus and willingly let the donkey be used for the service of the Lord. (Do we have a willing heart to serve?) Thirdly, Jesus knew that no man had sat upon this donkey; he was unbroken, untamed, untrained. (Jesus knows what we are capable of doing). Jesus could have chosen a larger, better qualified animal, perhaps a spirited riding horse, not such a humble little animal. (Every member is useful for the Lords use)

A great lesson for each of us is set forth here. Jesus knows where we can be found. Jesus knows when we are a willing servant. Jesus has need of even the untrained Christian. One need not have a great voice to sing God’s praise. Nor is it necessary to have “a way with words” to send a birthday card, get well or sympathy card, or a card to a visitor or new neighbor. The big question for us is, “are we available?” Would we be like the owner and his willingness to give up something for the Lord, such as our time perhaps? Would we be submissive like the little donkey? The donkey was not frightened to be ridden for the first time. Are we frightened to step out on faith and witness for the Lord? Remember, the providence of God may place you exactly where you can be of service to the Lord.

-Rob, for the Elders


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