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Elder's Corner - March 10th, 2019

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

As I write this article, I’m reminded of the many things going on at Dale Ridge that are currently happening or in the works. We recently asked the congregation to fill out a survey covering all the aspects of worship, education and the Spiritual/spiritual well being of our congregation. We thank those who participated; the results will help your Shepherd immensely keeping in touch with the flocks needs.

Approximate 60% of the families responded. Although we assured no one but the Elders would see the names of those submitted, there were only 10% signed. As of this writing, Blaine and I are compiling a list of items/suggestions mentioned on the surveys. We were so thankful for the positive nature of these responses and many, many good suggestions.

We feel that implementing these items and suggestions should be our immediate goal. Several individuals suggested adult bible classes be moved to the fellowship hall. This would promote more discussion and less formal setting. We have met with a few obstacles such as too much lighting for power point presentations, room has no permanent audio speakers, and room has an echo which hinders speakers being heard well. We are working to remedy these issues.

Many suggested having a Ladies Class. As we understand the ladies are currently planning and implementing with a curriculum, classroom accommodations and various teachers.

There were suggestions regarding the singing during worship. A meeting is scheduled for March 24 with all song leaders to discuss avenues of adjustment.

As we continue forward in 2019, please pray for your Shepherds, Deacons and Brent’s family for every aspect of our endeavors to “seek and save the lost” while ministering to each other.

-Rob, for the Elders



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