• Dale Ridge

The Church Is Full of Imperfections

(Copied from the Bulletin from the Church of Christ, Hendersonville, TN and Westside Church of Christ Bulletin, Salem, VA on August 9, 1972)

The church of Christ is composed of imperfect members, including preachers, teachers, deacons and elders.

Not a member in the organization is without faults, but the amazing thing about the Lord’s cause is that God has been able to work wonders through the agency of the imperfect. In fact, he has never had a chance with any other kind.

If a preacher ever finds a congregation which has no faults, he will have found a place where no teaching, preaching or training is needed. Yet the scriptures tell us that teaching is to be done continually as long as time shall last. If any congregation finds a preacher who is perfect, he will seem unreal, completely without understanding of the difficulties under which the imperfect struggle.

It is the imperfect Christians, working together, wrestling against their tendencies to be carnally minded, and forgiving one another’s faults, who come nearest to presenting to Christ the “perfect” church. If you know of anyone who stays away from church services because of imperfect people there, invite him in! There’s always room for one more!

-Provided by Danny Sprouse, Elder


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