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It Doesn't Have To Be Cold-Turkey

    Discover the "Spiritual Roots" of Christianity, experience worship as the first century Christians did in Jerusalem.  Using the technology of today, we can share "virtually" how the Church that Jesus built worships today. (Matthew 16:18).  You can join us in singing praises, be a part of prayerful worship, celebrate having communion with unleavened bread and fruit of the vine just as the Lord with His disciples at the "last supper". Be blessed by Mike Mazzalongo, a minister dedicated to delivering God's Word in easy to understand but powerful sermons. Simply search: GoToMeet.me/DaleridgeChurchofChrist then tap on "join the Meeting", enter the "access code" 345-551-253. Our worship will be in progress at 10:30 each Sunday morning. 

     This will enable you to share in our Worship virtually, however it is not meant to replace the wonderful in-person fellowship with each other that Jesus intended. So, get to know us virtually then come visit us in person. 

    As an added "pre-visit" advantage, view an approximate 4 minute video of our facilities both inside and  outside. Search Youtube for Dale Ridge Church of Christ. Choose the video produced by Scott Kinney.

    After becoming familiar with us virtually, put our address 7165 Cloverdale Rd, Roanoke, Va 24019 in your GPS. It's just 20 minutes from Tanglewood Mall to our location in NW Roanoke County. 

    Have a question or comment: Office@daleridgechurchofchrist.net

    or: Scroll down for contact information.    Hope to see you soon.

Copy & Paste In Your Browsers Search Line: Dale Ridge Church of Christ on YouTube. You can watch a 4 minute video of our facilities by Scott Kinney