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What does God have to say about coming together in fellowship and community?

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." Proverbs 27:17

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there among them." Matthew 18:20

It's important to God that we come together and build great relationships with each other and our communities.  We believe in providing an inclusive and encouraging setting for our congregation and our guests, while giving praise to our Lord. 


We welcome you to join us!!

This column contains national and international information of interest to Churches 

  Churches of Christ are patterned after the actual congregations found in the New Testament. We have no "earthly" headquarters, but  getting our Spiritual direction from following only the Word of God.       

   The Church of Christ was established by Christ Himself, Matthew 16:18, we honor His name, realizing that He is the only "Head" of The Church. Colossians 1:18.  Christ's Church was  introduced to the world in Acts Chapter 2 approximately 33 AD. When repentive sinners were baptized by immersion for the remission of their sins. Each receiving the gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit to guide them/us in all truth. John 16:13 

  If you have been looking for a "BIBLE BASED" Church, then come visit us.    

The predominant religion in Kenya is Christianity, which is adhered to by an estimated 85.5% of the total population. Islam is the second largest religion in Kenya, practised by 10.9 percent of Kenyans. Other faiths practised in Kenya are Baháʼí, Buddhism, Hinduism and traditional religions.

Why is Christianity so popular in Kenya?

Christianity was introduced to Kenya when missionaries settled near Mombasa in 1844. In the early 20th century, many Kikuyu left the mission churches and schools to start their own, free from the control of missionaries.

Does Kenya have religious freedom?

The constitution of Kenya and other laws and policies prohibit religious discrimination and protect religious freedom, including the freedom to practice any religion or belief.

Christianity is the most prevalent religion in the United States. Estimates from 2021 suggest that of the entire U.S. population (332 million) about 63% is Christian (21 million).

American Christianity Is on a Path Toward Being a Tool of ...


Oct 6, 2022 — By sometime around 2045, only about half of Americans could identify as Christian. If trends continue, it could fall to as little as 35 percent ...

This column contains  information about the local activities of the Church of Christ. 

God has a plan for our Salvation!!! God is not willing that anyone perish!!! God wants you to be Saved!!!   2 Peter 3:8-10

GODS PLAN IS:  "JESUS"   ACTS 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. John 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.
Believe Jesus is the Son of God Acts 4:12
Confess Jesus To Others Matt 10:32
Repent Of Our Sins Luke 13:3, Acts 2:38
Be Immersed (baptized) in the likeness of His Death, Burial, and Resurrection Acts 2:38, Rom 6:5 for the remission of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

It's The Event Of  The Week!!

Mike Mazzalongo will be Presenting the lesson Sunday 06/04/2023  10:30 AM Entitled: 

 "The Seven Heavens"

   1 Peter 1:3-4, Matt 28:18

1 Corinthians 14:40 (Decently and in Order)


This World Is Not My Home

Sing To Me Of Heaven

Prayer              (1 Thes 5:16-17)

Why Did My Savior Come To Earth

Communion Served    (Acts 20:7/1 Cor 16:2)

Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus


Contribution                                (1 Cor 16:2)

Scripture Reading 

 1 Peter 1:3-4, Matt 28:18         

O They Tell Me Of A Home

Sermon                         (2 Tim 4:1-2)

Softly and Tenderly

Victory In Jesus

Closing Prayer



Dale Ridge Loves Visitors!!!

Potter Children Home

Established in 1914, the Potter Children's Home & Family Ministries works to be a tool in the hands of supporting churches of Christ and individual Christians to deliver God's justice and mercy to children and families in need. Our Residential Group Care program is at the core of our ministries. This program is for children ages 6-18 years old who are in need of a loving, stable, structured home environment. Our Single Parent Alliance for Raising Kids (SPARK) program allows families to stay together during their recovery from a divorce, desertion or death. The Transitional Living ministry is designed to serve young people ages 18-23 who have little or no support from their families. We also offer foster care and Christian counseling.

Potter Children Home is have a "Food Comodity Drive". Each congregation has been asked to contribute non perishables (listed below). Place items in the collection room beside the "Ministers Office". They will be picked up the week of June 4th. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Quart Ziplock Bags, Cheerios, Chocolate Pudding Mix and AAA Batteries.

The Bible Is Impossible To Fake

The Bible was written by 40 men during a period of 1,500 years. Most of these writers were not alive at the same time. They could not work together in any direct way. Yet the Bible has one continuing story  about Gods love. John 3:16

Our God has awesome power!!! He has preserved His Word all these Centuries so we can know the TRUTH.

The Bible Is Our Only Guide

What Will You Do With It?

Check Us Out In Person This Sunday

@ 7165 Cloverdale Rd, NW Roanoke, Va


ON-LINE ACCESS: Please join us from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

To Join us Online:

Type or copy/paste the following on your search line: 

Use Access Code 345-551-253

To Join by Phone (listen only)

Call +1-571-317-3116;  Use Access Code 345-551-253

Tuning in "virtually" was never intended to take the  place of gathering together, enjoying fellowship, receiving and giving each other encouragement. Christians should love to gather on the first day of the week just as the early Church did. (Acts 20:7)


Bible Class:  9:30 - 10:15

Subject:  1st and 2nd Timothy presented by James S.


Come Worship Our Creator @  10:30am



We Are Honored To Serve "Communion This Sunday Just As Jesus instructed and the Disciples practiced. (Acts 20:7)

Ladies Bible Class: Thursday 10 AM


Wednesday  Bible Study:  6:00 PM

 "Around The Table" Directed by Blaine C.

 We are having excellent attendance to our Bible Studies & Worship. This is another way of showing our Love for Gods Word.

 God's Word is Our Only Guide For Truth.

What Will You Do With It?

The Dale Ridge Church has a HISTORY going all the way back to 33 AD. and a VISION for our future of Heaven as our ultimate goal. Only with Jesus, this is all possible. Acts 4:12 
Proverbs 29:18  Where there is no vision, the people perish. 

We call it: "Neighbor 2 Neighbor"

We are Extending A Welcome to 16 new families in our community in May. Along with an Invitation to Worship With Us

Statistics show that moving to a new town/city presents the most likely opportunity for falling away from the church. But also a good time to come to a new congregation of the Lord's Church.

2023 is off to a promising start. We are looking forward to "post pandemic" evangelism. In addition to mailing introduction information, we will be visiting every new neighbor.

  Are you someone Looking for an ACTIVE congregation that has "purpose with enthusiasm" for the Lord? Come join us in our journey with Christ. 

The Church is a movement, not a building.

Our daily lives are filled with great opportunities to interact within our community. Invite someone to Dale Ridge, it will make your heart glad.

Our friendly foyer is designed for meeting & greeting each other and our visitors
(You Gotta Experience It to love it!!!) 

We are GROWING in Maturity and Numbers!!! 
The reason why?
"They will know us because of our love for one another." John 13:35

Invest in the future by planting Gods Word.
A missed "opportunity" is a "Lost Blessing"

John 6:35 Jesus said: "I am the bread of life".
Matt 11:28 Jesus also said: "come to me all ye that are heavey laden and I will give you rest".


Several events are in the near future for Dale Ridge.

Planning and preparations are taking place for our "Friends and Family Day" on June 11th. Brother John Lewis will be our guest speaker. (Mark Your Calendars)

Dale Ridge "Ladies Day" is schedule for September.

The Spirit of God is moving the Dale Ridge Church of Christ in a great revival atmosphere. We are anxious to meet and welcome new people who are seriously interested in Worshipping God as the Church of Christ in Jerusalem did long ago. 
What Will You Do With It?
Think Growth!!! Think Spiritual Growth!!! If we plant the seed, God will give the increase.

Bring Them To Church!!
Introduce them to Louann H. and Suzanne S. Their two Elementary classes just received certificates for reciting all 66 books of the Bible.  

Dale Ridge Is Reaching Out There, Again!


Again in 2023 the Dale Ridge Church is getting exposure to thousands of homes in the Roanoke Valley and Botetourt County via Valpak. Our first of four mailings has already gone out to 30,000 homes. Pray for the Lord to bless these efforts of inviting visitors.

Psssst, Listen Up Dale Ridge!!!
It's in the wind, Men's Breakfast Saturday June 3rd Has been postponed until after Friends and Family Day in June 11th. Ladies Day in September ?.
Have you got an idea for an event"? 
Lets hear it...
A Proven Fact: Sitting in a Hen House will not make us a chicken. (cluck, cluck.) Neither will sitting in a Church building make us a Christian.
Christianity is a movement not a statue.

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