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What does God have to say about coming together in fellowship and community?

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." Proverbs 27:17

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there among them." Matthew 18:20

It's important to God that we come together and build great relationships with each other and our communities.  We believe in providing an inclusive and encouraging setting for our congregation and our guests, while giving praise to our Lord. 


We welcome you to join us!!

This column contains national and international information about the activities of the Church of Christ. 

  Churches of Christ are patterned after the actual congregations found in the New Testament. We have no "earthly" headquarters, but  getting our Spiritual direction from following only the Word of God.       

   The Church of Christ was built by Christ Himself, Matthew 16:18, we honor His name, realizing that He is the only "Head" of The Church. Colossians 1:18.  Christ's Church was  introduced to the world in Acts Chapter 2 approximately 33 AD. When repentive sinners were baptized for the remission of their sins. Each receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide them/us in all truth. John 16:13 

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 Millions of Ukrainian families have fled the eastern European country in order to find safety during the invasion. A Massachusetts church is welcoming those who recently arrived in the area.

 More than 6,000 Ukrainian refugees have entered the United States since the Russian invasion began in February.

More than 100 now live in western Massachusetts.

“There are a lot in the area that felt like this was a great need,” said Minister Gareth Flanary of the West Springfield Church of Christ.

As the war rages on in Ukraine, West Springfield Church of Christ is welcoming more than 100 Ukrainians who now live in Agawam, Westfield, and West Springfield.

Nearly 150 refugees from Ukraine have made Massachusetts their home, mostly in the western part of the state since the war started more than 2 and a half months ago. The Ukrainians who now live in the commonwealth have a lot to learn about life in America, like the language barrier.

The West Springfield church gives them the available resources to help with the transition.

Oklahoma City: 

Ukrainians no longer measure time with words like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so forth, said Marina Noyes.

Now it’s Day 51, Day 52, Day 53 of the war.

Noyes, a Ukrainian, and her husband, Jim, an American, recounted their exodus from Ukraine to the U.S. during a recent missions class at the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma City.

They spent Days 1 through 10 of the conflict with Russia in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, where they helped plant the Vinograder Church of Christ about 20 years ago. For the past eight years, the church has served refugees from Ukraine’s Donbas region, parts of which pro-Russian separatists seized in 2014, and the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed the same year.

Despite the daily explosions, they were hesitant to leave the members of their church who had decided to stay. They also were concerned for one of their two grandchildren who has special needs. Finally, their son and daughter-in-law decided that they must risk the dangerous, heartbreaking journey to the Polish border.

As they prepared to leave, Marina Noyes overheard her granddaughter, who uses a walker, talking to her baby doll. In Ukrainian, she said, “Do not worry. Don’t panic, sweetie. All will be well. Mommy is with you.” She had heard those words from her own mother countless times, Marina said. 

The family of six endured traffic jams, freezing cold and confusion as they moved westward, achingly slow. Along the way, they received providential hospitality from Christians including Dennis Sopelnik, a minister who works with the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Ukraine. The school met in the eastern Ukrainian city of Gorlovka until separatists seized its facility, which also was the meeting place of a Church of Christ, in 2014. The school relocated to the central Ukrainian city of Bila Tserkva.

As the fighting intensified, Sopelnik moved westward again. He and other Ukrainian Christians used the meeting place of the Ternopil Church of Christ in Ternopil as a base from which to serve those fleeing the conflict. Sopelnik helped the Noyes family find temporary shelter there. 

In Poland the family received a warm welcome and warm beverages. They traveled to a refugee camp in the city of Lublin. Marina’s son and daughter-in-law worked at the camp and helped their fellow refugees. Eventually, they found temporary housing in Belgium. Marina and Jim headed to the U.S.

Now they spend their days crisscrossing the country, sharing their story and asking Christians to pray for their brothers and sisters — not only in Ukraine but in Russia and Belarus. They also pray, “May the enemy’s jets get broken, their hands be weakened.”

“This is a new ministry for us right now,” Jim Noyes said. “We want to make ourselves available.”

His wife said, “My people are very strange. When there is peace, we argue. When the trouble comes, we cry. When it gets bad, we pray. When it becomes unbearable, we sing.”

Ukrainians have written thousands of songs since Day 1 of the war, she said.

“Ukraine has always been religious,” she added, “But now Ukraine is really turning to God.”

This column contains  information about the local activities of the Church of Christ. 

God has a plan for Salvation!!! God is not willing that anyone perish!!! God wants you to be Saved!!!   2 Peter 3:8-10

GODS PLAN IS:  "JESUS"   ACTS 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. John 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

Please Join Us in person or virtually, Mike Mazzalongo will on present his Sermon Sunday AM 5/29/2022 is entitled:

         "From Religion To Conversion"

                Rom 6:23; Rom 12:6-8

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Dale Ridge Loves Visitors!!!

The upcoming "Ladies Day" at Dale Ridge is in the planning stage with much progress being made. Details to be announced soon.


The Sunday Adult Bible Class @ 9:30am: Deron S. is presenting a series of lessons on the Book of Ephesians which will be available in person or audio only online.   Everyone is welcome & Invite a friend too!!!

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This Ministry is in full "swing". Nearly 50% of the congregation is involved with contacting "new neighbors" in our community.

  Our aim is to contact each new family at least 3 times over 3 months. The fields are truly ripe for harvest.  God has provided the seed and the ground. He PROMISES to give the increase.

  Are you looking for a growing congregation with "purpose and enthusiasm" in the Lord? Come join us on our journey with Christ.

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Our SECOND of four Valpak mailing for 2022 has been mailed May 15. It will go into 20,000 different homes in various zip codes throughout the Roanoke area. Watch for it in your area and talk about it with your neighbors.  Pray for it!! 

Makes a great conversation starter.

For the Month of May, we have received the addresses of 76 families that have recently moved to our area. Those members involved in the Neighbor 2 Neighbor Ministry will receive your "mailout" material in your "Church Mailbox".
Thank you for participating. 
  News From Rocky Mount Church of Christ!!!
Their "Ladies Day" is being planned also.
Watch for their flyer.

                       Evangelistic Outreach Effort:
"Nextdoor" App can be downloaded from Play Store, choose your own neighborhood along with as many other nearby neighborhoods as you like.  Keep up with what's going on around you.  There are individual posts, for sale posts , civic events, help wanted and finding a contractor, lost or found pets.  I was able to establish a "group" page named "Verse A Day Plus", where I post daily scriptures plus a commentary. This is similar to what I do on my own personal facebook page and the Dale Ridge facebook page. You must join the "group" to post or comment but the content is open for all to see.
What's it all about? Reaching out there!!! Free advertisement that reaches thousands of local Souls. 
Got any ideas for "reaching out there"?  Share them.
All for the Glory of God!!! 


Update: We have 56 members who have elected to receive "Verse A Day Plus" automatically in their mail box each day. Each post is potentially viewed by over 3000 souls. Please pray that the Word of God will continue to grow in all those hearts involved.