This page is for the purpose of sharing our members experience of obeying the Gospel. Each account mirrors the examples of conversions we find in the Bible.  

  Hello, my name is Robert K. My story begins in 1977 with an invitation for my family to attend VBS (Vacation Bible School) at a Church of Christ in a small town in Ohio. I remember being so impressed that the Bible was used so much in every part, play scripts, songs, kids classes and they even had an adult class. I had thought from my childhood that VBS was just for kids. When we went home I looked up a local congregation and we started to attend Church. Again, I was impressed with their respect for the Word of God. I remember asking one of the older members how to become a member of the Church. He said "The Lord is the only one that can add you to His Church and that's after you been baptized". Acts 2:38 & Acts 2:47 I asked him, "why can't I be baptized now"? He said, "you ain't ready yet". He then told me to:  "go home, read the book of Acts until you can't sleep at night, then call me". I thought that was a really weird request. But I was on a mission now, I read the book of Acts and then read it over again and was convinced that baptism was involved in every example of people being saved. It even said in Acts chapter 2:38-47 that those 3000 people who were added by Jesus to The Church were all baptized for the remission of their sins. Late one night I was really convinced that my sins had to be forgiven as soon as possible. Because I may not wake up in the morning. Then what? I remember being so worried I called him. I thought he might be upset because it was 11 o'clock on Saturday night. But he was overjoyed. I remember promising God that I would live a better life. I would try to do right instead of wrong. (later I realized this was my way of repenting. My wife and I met him at the Church building and we were both baptized, which I learned later that in its original language means immersion in water. I wish everyone could feel the way I do. Peace of mind and soul, comforted by His Word and confident He has made a place for me in Heaven.