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There Are Only Two Genders
Medical Science Proves Gods Word Is Truth AGAIN
John 17:17

Holy Spirit Gender


  Thinking about the genealogy of Christ, caused me to consider the genetics that determines the sex of an individual.  As we learned in high school biology classes, of the 23 pairs of chromosomes (the diploid number) in cells of the normal human body, females contain a pair of XX chromosome and males contain a pair consisting of one X (from the mother) and one Y (from the father).  Sex cells of humans contain only half of the 23 pairs (the haploid number), thus 23 single chromosomes. one of which is the X chromosome.  Cell division in the ovaries of females results in 23 single chromosomes, one of which is the X chromosome. Cell division in the testes of the males results in 23 single chromosomes, half of which contain an X chromosome. While the other half of the male sex cells contain a Y chromosome.  At conception, an ovum with its 23 single chromosomes of which one is an X, unites with a sperm cell with its 23 single chromosomes, one of which is either an X or a Y.  This union of the two sex cells, reestablishes the 23 pair complement (diploid) of the human body cells.  Thus, it is the male contributor at conception that determines the sex of an offspring.

  As scripture clearly teaches, Christ had an earthly mother, Mary. While she was betrothed to Joseph, it became known to him that Mary was pregnant before the marriage was consummated and he considered divorcing her. In a dream, Joseph was told by an angel of God not to divorce her, “for that which is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.”

  In that Christ was born with normal human characteristics, it is reasonable to assume that his sex was determined by the union of Mary’s ovarian sex cell that contained an X chromosome, with that of a donor sex cell containing a Y chromosome.  In that we know that Joseph was not the donor and scripture reveals the donor to be the Holy Spirit, it is therefore reasonable to conclude that the gender of the Holy Spirit is male.

Some in society do not accept that the Godhead revealed in scripture is male. Some insist that the Godhead is female. All references in scripture that refer to God or the Godhead describe Him/them as male.  The scriptural description of Jesus’ miraculous birth, being conceived by the Holy Spirit, offers support to the notion that the Holy Spirit is of the male gender in that a Y chromosome had to be present for normal human development to occur.         By Mike Sheridan

                                             The Modern Church


It seems that there are three elements that help identify the "modern" church. One is a focus on music in worship. Orchestras, choirs, even drama with music are a must if a church is to appeal to today's church goer.

Another is the preoccupation with the miraculous. People want to go to a place where God reveals Himself to the congregation through healings, tongues, and a sure vision and knowledge of when the end times are coming.

Of course the modern church would not be complete without the presence of women in leadership roles as pastors and evangelists. This reflects the status of women in the secular world and is usually the final proof that a church is truly a contemporary one keeping up with modern society.

As members of a New Testament churches these changes may seem a little discouraging because we believe that the Bible teaches us to only use vocal praise in public worship (Ephesians 5:18-19); the end of miraculous gifts at the close of the Apostolic era (I Corinthians 13:8-10); and male spiritual leadership in the church (I Corinthians 14:34).

I suppose that because we hold to these positions we cannot be classified as very modern and it may be one reason why many who visit here often don't return. Oh, they love the people and find the congregation warm and friendly, but just not "modern" enough for their needs.

Let's not lose heart because of this. Remember that we've not been called to be modern, or old-fashioned for that matter. Our goal is to be faithful in every generation. When the Lord comes (and no one actually knows when this will be – Matthew 24:42-44) He will not be looking for the most modern church, He'll be looking for the most faithful one. Mike Mazzalongo

                                         Christian Worship In 150 AD


Justin Martyr was a Samarian Christian who lived in the second century. He was a Platonist philosopher who was converted to Christianity and became a strong defender of the faith. In one of his works, "Apology of the Christian Religion", written in around 150AD, he describes a typical Christian worship service of that day.

"On that day which is called after the sun, all who live in the cities or in the country gather together in one place. Then the memoirs of the apostles or the writings of the prophets are read, as long as time permits. After the reader has finished, the one presiding gives an address, and urgently admonishes his hearers to practice all these good things. Then all stand up together and pray, and as we said before, at the end of the prayer, the bread and wine-mixed-with-water are brought and the one presiding sends up prayers and thanksgivings to the best of his ability. The people ascent saying "Amen," and then takes place the distribution to all attending, of the things over which the thanksgiving has been spoken, and the deacons bring a portion to the absent. And those who are prosperous, and who so wish, give what each thinks fit, and what is collected is deposited with the one presiding, and he takes care of the orphans and widows, and those who through sickness or any other cause are in want, and those who are in prison, and the strangers who are sojourning with us. He, in a word, takes care of all who are in need."

This was the style and content of Christian worship established by the Apostles and practiced by the early church clearly described by one who witnessed and participated in it, and it is the same style of worship we continue to have today in the church of Christ.

Rest assured therefore, that if Justin Martyr were to visit our assembly this Sunday, he would feel quite at home.   Mike Mazzalongo

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